“In sections where the electronic drum sequences reach maximum overhall, all elements from the vocal samples to the keys get caught within the eye of the vortex. Milgaten brings that big beat drum and bass sensibility he has honed between residencies in Brooklyn, LA, San Diego, and Vegas, to trip up the Southwest desert by coast crafts from So Many Wizards. The cleverness in Keith’s ear for synth construction is his how he zeroes in on the spaces in between Nima’s initial authorial intent that finds new notes from new created chord placements. As SMW intended for this “Daydream” to occur during the daylight hours, DJ Keith Sweaty messes up the circadian rhythms of the original’s internal clock to flash ’12:00am” like a digital alarm clock does after being hit by a massive power blackout in the afterhours. Because after all, this is what a proper modern dance remix is supposed to do.”

Impose Magazine  (article by Sjimon Gompers)


“Never have I been more satisfied with my cello sound while plugged in. Keith Milgaten managed to blend my cello seamlessly with electronic and acoustic sound worlds alike, while capturing my cello’s natural warmth–notoriously difficult to achieve on the instrument. Thanks Keith!”

– Paul Wiancko (Cellist/Composer/Producer)


“I have loved Keith’s productions and remixes ever since we met back in San Diego’s electronic music scene around 2008 when I was doing Inspired Flight and he was doing his Jamuel Saxon project. We have always wanted to work together, and while you will likely see a 9 Theory x Keith Sweaty original collab later in the year, for now having him remix this track was a perfect way to get things going. Bump it!”

-Gabe Lehner (9 Theory, Studio Artist)


“Keith’s enthusiastic & dependable nature quickly made him our top sound engineer at Soda Bar. It was a truly a pleasure working alongside him for 3+ years.”

-Cory Stier (booking agent @ Soda Bar San Diego / drummer of CULTS)


“Keith Sweaty, Keith Milgaten, or Jamuel Saxon – all being one and the same and all being a bonafide pleasure to work with – whichever incarnation it was.  Keith always goes the extra mile to make the show a happening, a dance party, an event.  Good stuff!!!”

-Tim Mays (Owner/ booking agent @ Casbah


“Keith Sweaty is a party animal with a magic touch. As a solo DJ and head of his electro-pop band Jamuel Saxon, he’s been the maker of many a delirious, drug-soaked dance party, and yet his tunes are often streaked with an undercurrent of darkness and intimacy. (Oh yeah and his Auto-Tuned vocals actually sound pretty cool too.) If you’ve just broken up with your lover and you can’t decide whether to dance your ass off or cry your eyes out, put on “Mandatory Miscommunication” and see where the beat takes you.”

– Peter Holslin (Music Editor/ San Diego City Beat)


“Keith brings a unique perspective as a musician, engineer, and overall fan of music.  He knows all three roles well, and therefore does a great job producing all aspects of a live show.  I’ve hired Keith to run sound for some of the biggest indie acts in the nation, and he has come through time and time again.”

– Zack Nielsen (SEZIO.org)


“Don’t let the name fool you: Jamuel Saxon isn’t a jam-rock frat band. It’s one dude in San Diego making scratchy laptop beats with soulful vocoder vocals and Casio keyboard effects that sound like the hold music at the Emotionally Abused Robot Hotline.”

-Luke O’Neil (The Boston Globe)


“Keith Milgaten aka “Keith Sweaty” is just as comfortable behind a mixing console as he is with beats and samples. I’ve had him remix a song and turn it into a jam. I have him do sound for my bands and turn a showcase into a dance party. He is equally talented as a Sound Man, Recording Engineer, Remix Master, and D-J. not to mention a pleasure to work with…”

-Mario Escovedo (Requiemme Mgmt and Music)


“JAMUEL SAXON should be no stranger to anyone with a pulse in San Diego. Keith and company not only know how to get the party started, they are the party. They recently dropped a Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr remix of “Nothing But Our Love” that’s more sexy than Samuel L’s daughter’s film career.”

– Future Sounds Records