music videos


Keith Sweaty + Shamanest – “CNTRL (ft. Paps Davis)”


Deadphones – “MCBM”


Cuckoo Chaos – “Shanghaied” (director/ animator/ editor) White Iris Records 2012

“As the video warped into deeper psychedelic trances, we felt as though we should check on our yacht, for fear that we’d been slipped a mickey from Cuckoo Chaos. Turns out, we don’t have a yacht.”

-Impose Magazine


Jamuel Saxon – “Planetarium” (co-editor/director)  Single Screen Records 2012/ NME video selection. Shot by Mike Brown and Anthony Levas. Conceptualized by Hugo Fernando Fierro & Keith Milgaten.



Keith Sweaty – “Light Warriorz” (director/ editor) This video is comprised of chopped and screwed projections taken from Phillip Glass’s film masterpiece “Koyaanisqatsi” laid over friends and random people dancing at a house party. Projections and location provided by: Hugo Fernando Fierro (aka Moistrix)