Keith Sweaty + Shamanest release debut single “Hollowdaze”


A period of time taken to grow and create has spawned a collaboration between two young producers/vocalists (Keith Sweaty & Shamanest) who have crossed the US repeatedly in search of new inspiration, new sounds and new musical identities. This journey has now given us the privilege of sharing a track from our upcoming “hypography” ep out on Portland based cassette label Dazzle Ship Records in a matter of months. This ep encompasses our look into hype musics in a post guitar era and exposes our passions through the combination of raw human emotion and  technologically driven future-r’n’b. We are at long last finally able to unveil the brainchild of our efforts. Our debut single Hollowdaze fully encompasses our aesthetic direction and we are extremely excited to be able to share it with all of you. Please help us spread the word and keep your ears up for Keith Sweaty x Shamanest’s collaborative Hypography ep this summer.